Biosimilar Study

Update (May 2020): This clinical trial is now complete and no longer recruiting. Please browse our other trials on the website or contact us to discuss currently recruiting trials.

We are looking for healthy participants to join a clinical trial. The trial involves comparing a new medicine for Gaucher disease with one that is already approved. Gaucher disease is an inherited disorder. It affects the body’s ability to break down fatty substances. This can cause a build-up of the fatty substances in vital organs such as the spleen, which can mean they do not work properly.

For this trial we need the help of male or female participants, aged from 18-45 years (inclusive) who are in good health and do not have a history of alcohol abuse or drug addiction. They should be non-smokers or only smoke up to 5 cigarettes a day.

This is a 2 part study. Both parts have a 3 day, 2 night stay with 1 short follow-up and then 1 final overall follow-up. There will be a 3-4 week interval between both parts. You must be available to participate in both parts of the study.

Participants’ time and inconvenience will be reimbursed following their completion of the study.

*Male or Female
*Comply with contraception requirements
*Overall healthy with no medical conditions
*Aged 18-45 inclusive
*BMI 18.50 to 30.00 kg/m2
*Non-smoker or light smoker (no more than 5 cigarettes/day)