The Flu study

Update: This study is now complete. Thank you to everybody who has helped with this research.

Influenza viruses circulate globally and affect all age groups. Vaccines are the best tools available for preventing influenza illness and are recommended annually by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ability of the influenza virus to change its structure results in the generation of a new influenza type, to which a large proportion of the human population has no pre-existing immunity. We are developing an Influenza vaccine using a new method of manufacture.

The vaccine is created to produce Influenza-like proteins. This method of vaccine production is able to provoke a strong immune response, and it is hoped that your body will produce the protective blood proteins called antibodies that will protect you from Influenza infection.
Unlike current flu vaccines which are formulated annually to protect against specific new flu virus strains, this new vaccine is designed to protect against a large range of flu viruses and will not need to be changed each year.

Previous studies have shown the vaccine to be well tolerated, able to improve protection against a range of virus strains and reduce the severity of flu symptoms, when tested alone in a small group of healthy volunteers.

If you take part in the study you will receive either the study vaccine or placebo (does not contain active ingredients) in addition to the licensed flu vaccine, if you have not received the licensed flu vaccine within 28 days prior to study enrolment.

This study is now finished.  If you haven’t already, you can register to hear from us about upcoming studies.

* Aged 18 years and over.
* Healthy male or female adults with no illnesses, allergic reactions.
* Females must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.