Fungal Infections Study

Update: Recruitment for this study is now complete. We are recruiting for other studies you may be interested in. 

This research study examines oral and intravenous formulations for the treatment of invasive fungal infections due to Candida, Candidiasis Aspergillus, two serious and life-threatening conditions.

While three classes of antifungal agents are currently available to treat these infections, there is a need for new medication to combat the emergence of resistant strains.

For this trial we need the help of male and female participants who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, aged from 18 to 55 (inclusive) who are in good health and are non-smokers and do not have a history of any medical conditions.

Eligible participants will be reimbursed for their time. If you meet the criteria for this study and would like more information, register below or call 1800 727 874.

* A healthy male, or a healthy female who is not pregnant or breastfeeding
* Aged 18- 55 years
* BMI 18 – 32 (inclusive) kg/m²
* Be a non-smoker