Haematology study for multiple myeloma (S17ROC02)

The purpose of this study is to test whether RO6870810 is safe at different dose levels when given by itself or in combination with another drug, daratumumab, to find out what effects, good or bad, RO6870810 has on multiple myeloma.

Daratumumab has been approved by the Health Authorities in some countries including Australia for treatment of multiple myeloma. RO6870810 given in combination with daratumumab is only available in research studies.

RO6870810 has been tested in a limited number of humans (less than 100) and this is the first time that RO6870810 will be given in combination with daratumumab to participants with multiple myeloma.

Participants in this study will either receive RO6870810 alone (monotherapy) or RO6870810 in combination with Daratumumab (combination therapy).

The study drug is given via subcutaneous injection daily for 14 days, every 21 days. In the combination part, daratumumab is given weekly initially, then fortnightly, then monthly thereafter.

Treatment may continue for as long as there is clinical benefit.

This clinical study is currently recruiting participants.

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* you have multiple myeloma that was treated in the past and needs to be treated again.

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