Oncology study for bowel, gastric, ovarian, prostate and lung cancer (S17GEN03)

This clinical study is of a new treatment called A-337. It is first-time-in-human study and open to patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumours, including bowel, gastric, ovarian, prostate and lung cancers. The study drug (A-337) is designed to target a specific cancer marker called EpCAM. EpCAM is found in high levels in many human cancers including bowel, lung, prostate, stomach, pancreas and ovarian cancers. By targeting this marker, A-337 may decrease tumour cell growth and use the immune system to kill the tumour cells.

A-337 has not been used before in humans. The purpose of this study is to see whether A-337 can be given safely to participants with advanced solid tumours and to work out the best dose for treatment.

A-337 is given twice weekly via intravenous infusion for 4 weeks, followed by 2 weeks rest. This cycle of treatment will be repeated every 6 weeks and the duration of this study treatment is for 24 weeks.

This clinical study is currently recruiting participants.

If you would like more information, register below or call 1800 727 874.

1 night on first treatment day and then when needed at clinician’s decision

Twice weekly for 4 weeks per 6 week cycle

* have a locally advanced or metastatic solid tumour and
* standard therapy either does not exist or has proven to be ineffective or intolerable.

When enquiring about this clinical study please quote the study code above