Oral antibiotic study

In this trial, we are evaluating the safety, tolerability and the levels of drug in the body of experimental drugs nitroxoline and 2 extended release tablets. Extended release means that the formulation is designed to slowly release the drug in the body over an extended period of time especially to reduce the dosing frequency. Nitroxoline is an oral antibiotic that has previously been administered to people to treat urinary tract infections such as bladder infections, or to prevent the recurrence of infections. Nitroxoline has also recently been discovered to inhibit the growth of tumour cells in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

This study is currently not recruiting further participants.

* Be a healthy male or healthy female who is not pregnant or who cannot bear children
* Must comply with contraception requirements – Aged 18-45 (inclusive)
* BMI 18-30kg/m2
* Non-smoker or smoke no more than 5 cigarettes a day
* Drink less than 14 units of alcohol per week