There are many benefits to participating in a clinical trial

By participating you will be:

  • advancing the development of new medicines
  • meeting new people and making new friends
  • staying in the comfort of our brand new participant unit
  • catered for during your stay, with meals, internet and entertainment provided

You will be paid for your time in healthy volunteer trials.  Patients should speak to us about reimbursement.

You might be a healthy volunteer or you might have a medical condition

If you are healthy, aged 18 to 65, and currently take no medication you may be eligible to participate in our healthy volunteer clinical trials.

If you have a medical condition and aged 18 or more, you may be interested in one of our patient clinical trials.

We will answer your questions

Some questions we hear often include:

  • what happens in a clinical trial?
  • who can participate in a clinical trial?
  • what are the risks and the benefits?
  • when can I ask a doctor my questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Become a participant

We are soon to start speaking to healthy volunteers and to patients. We will tell you when we are ready. Join our mailing list by registering with the button below and we will let you know.


Advance medical research
Payment for your time
Make new friends
Brand new participant unit