Spinal Cord Study

In this trial, we are evaluating the safety and tolerability of a new medication to help prevent patients who experience an acute spinal cord injury from developing secondary injuries. This medication is a novel monoclonal antibody designed to bind to cells that express a protein Cx43 which forms part of the cells in the brain and the spinal cord that occur when injury occurs. Previous studies indicate that the medication should not bind to healthy spinal cords. Rather, it should bind only to injured spinal cords, hence being an effective treatment for spinal cord injury.

For this trial we need the help of healthy males and females with no history of any medical conditions, aged 18-55 years, weighing between 45-110kgs and have a BMI between 18-32kgm².

This study is currently not recruiting further participants.

* A healthy male, or a healthy female who is not pregnant or breastfeeding
* Aged 18- 55 years
* Weight 45 – 110Kg
* BMI 18 – 32 (inclusive) kg/m²