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Accelerating development and reducing cashburn

Scientia Clinical Research (SCR) is the first and only dedicated Phase 1, Healthy Volunteer clinical trial unit, centrally located in Sydney that operates as a Not For Profit.

With the ability to engage participants on a 24/7 basis, our goal is to help sponsors accelerate their development, simplify their Phase I study and generate results that are accepted by all major regulators, including the FDA, EMA, PMDA and NMPA.

We conduct approximately 50 clinical trials per year, the majority of which are Phase 1, First Time In Human (FTIH) projects. We are uniquely positioned to provide biotech sponsors with the personalised attention that their study needs and with broad experience across a multitude of study designs, we can reduce study complexity and give your product the best chance for success.

We know that speed to start-up, first participant dosed and operational excellence is critical. We know that each FIH study has it’s own subtle nuances.  We know that no two biotechs are ever the same.

Our Senior Leadership team possess more than eight decades of combined clinical trial expertise. Our track record of success for sponsors from around the world and our ability to recruit for even the most complex oncology studies in vulnerable populations sets us apart. Coupled with our capacity to manufacture finished investigational product with our inhouse compounding suite, Scientia is uniquely positioned with the agility and flexibility to save sponsors time, reduce cost and limit logistical complexity.

We lead the way in clinical research in Australia. We have arguably the cleanest, most engaged and enthusiastic pool of volunteers and are backed up by the largest and most ethnically diverse city in Australia.  With our extensive experience in early phase research, you can be confident that your asset is in the right hands given the high level of personal attention we provide to every project.

Contact us now using the form below, or email bdenquiries@scientiaclinicalresearch.com.au to find out how we can fast-track your study in Australia.

Accelerating Early Phase Development. Reducing complexity & Improving efficiency. Reducing Your Speed to Market.

Scientia Clinical Research


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