Australia: reduce PhI costs by 60% & save 6+ months with Scientia Clinical Research

Scientia is Australia’s leading Phase I, Healthy Volunteer Unit and a Not For Profit facility.

We have world-class expertise, unmatched facilities, conduct a wide range of clinical trials and are FDA audited. Our focus is the delivery of Phase I HV studies across a wide range of therapeutic disciplines, including complex oncology and haematology studies. 

We are uniquely familiar of the nuances of working with biotech sponsors like yourself and understand that no two biotechs are ever the same. We can help you to take advantage of Australia’s world-leading streamlined regulatory approval system, as well as grants and incentives that attract both pharmaceutical giants and red-hot startups. 

Scientia has a strong track record of helping small to mid-sized biotechs as they progress through their development, and we have the scale and reach to help you exceed your corporate milestones.

If you are open to considering Australia, we can lead your PhI project to success and as a trusted partner, we bring assets from clinical to commercial and beyond.

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