What is a clinical trial?


Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medicine, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans. These studies also may show which medicine, treatment or device works best for certain illnesses or groups of people. 


Who can participate in a clinical trial?


We recruit healthy volunteers and patients. Healthy volunteers are typically between 18 and 65, take no medications and are generally healthy. Patient clinical trials generally include people with a specific medical condition. The eligibility requirements usually vary between each trial. Any participation is voluntary and each trial has requirements as to who can enter the trial.


Will I be paid for taking part in a healthy volunteer clinical trial?


Yes. You will be compensated for the time you spend with us if you are eligible to participate. The amount will vary by trial but is generally calculated based upon the amount of time involved and the number of visits to the clinic.

What are the requirements to be a healthy volunteer?


You may be a suitable healthy volunteer if you are:

  • Aged 18-65 years
  • Currently taking no medication
  • Within a healthy weight range.A healthy weight is determined by your BMI (Body Mass Index). This is a relationship between your height and your weight. A healthy BMI is somewhere between 18 and 30.
  • Have no significant past medical history
  • Have suitable lifestyle habits
  • Some studies require non-smokers, but others allow light smokers.
  • Consumption of small or moderate amounts of alcohol, typically if fewer than 14 alcoholic drinks per week.
  • Illicit drug use is not allowed and a drug test will be given during screening and before check-in.


  • 年齢18歳から65歳
  • 現在お薬を服用していない
  • 健康的な体重の範囲内である。健康な体重とはBMI(体格指数)によって判断されます。これはあなたの身長と体重から導き出されます。健康的なBMIは18と30の間です
  • 過去に重大な病歴がない
  • 合理的な生活スタイルが習慣化されている
  • いくつかの治験は非喫煙者であることが参加条件ですが、ライトスモーカーでも参加できる治験もあります。
  • 少量または適度なアルコール摂取量である、通常14杯/週以内
  • 違法薬物の使用は厳禁です、また薬物検査が参加適性検査と入院初日に行われます。

This list is general in nature and exact requirements will vary study to study. Don’t worry if you are not eligible to participate in one study, as we will have many more!