Terms and Conditions

If the eligibility criteria are met, you will receive a deposit of $250 deposited into your bank account, shortly after your referred person has completed a study with Scientia Clinical Research.
You do not have to be a current/past participant or applicant to refer someone, however, the person that you refer must be new (they must not have previously registered with us).

To participate in the Referral Program, the individual being referred must fill out the form on the Referral Program page https://www.scientiaclinicalresearch.com.au/referral-program/.

Persons referred must sign up for a study using the email address provided during the referral registration – this way we can track who referred the person.

To refer a new participant you must be 18 years of age or older. (18+)

The new participant that has been referred to Scientia Clinical Research must participate in a clinical study with Scientia Clinical Research. This does not include screening.

An individual may refer as many different people as you like, but the payment will only be applicable for the first study your friend participates in. Subsequent studies they participate in won’t result in
additional payments.