In April 2022, following a surprise diagnosis, Julian began a Phase 1 oncology study with Scientia Clinical Research, at our facility here in Randwick, Sydney.

This is his story - his thoughts about his diagnosis, his treatment, our facility, our location and his overall experience of being part of a oncology study here at Scientia.

Julian has now successfully completed his trial with Scientia Clinical Research and is already moving forward with another new study.

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Scientia Clinical Research

01: Julian and his diagnosis

Julian’s introduction and his diagnosis.

0m 43s

Scientia Clinical Research

02: Introducing Scientia Clinical Research

Julian shares his experience on our facility and our oncology team, through his numerous visits and stays with Scientia Clinical Research.

1m 15s

Scientia Clinical Research

03: Traveling and Accommodation

Julian talks about traveling to our facility, accommodation and catering.

1m 27s

Scientia Clinical Research

04: Julian's Experience

Julian talks about his experience, at a patient, here at Scientia.

0m 41s