There are many benefits in undertaking a clinical trial in Australia, particularly in the state of NSW.

Firstly, Australia is home to some of the worlds best researchers and health professionals, as well as a world-class research infrastructure, which is also supported by a government who are committed to improving the clinical trials environment.

Furthermore, NSW can deliver quick start-up’s (5 to 6 weeks), tax incentives from the Australian government and NSW is home to the largest city in Australia (Sydney, pop. 5.3m) which means a large and diverse audience for participation in HV studies.

Listed below are the further key benefits of conducting your clinical study in NSW, Australia.

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Early phase clinical trials in Australia are 28% cheaper than the US, increasing to 60% with tax incentives for eligible companies

Australia has the 8th most efficient healthcare system worldwide

$25.1 billion health system budget (expenditure 2018-19)

The State is Australia's largest economy: A$600 billion

80% of the State's medical records are electronic

Two specialist HRECS to expedite review of early phase clinical trials within 20 days

Home to 8.0 million people, more than Singapore and Hong Kong

56% of Australians indicate they are willing to participate in a clinical trial

3 of Australia's top 5 ranked research universities based in NSW

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